The NRA Distinguished Revolver Program

Eligibility- Only individuals who are eligible for NRA Pistol Competition pursuant to Section 2 of the NRA Pistol Rules shall be eligible to compete in this program.

Revolver - As defined in Rule 3.1.4

Awards - The NRA Distinguished Revolver Badge will be awarded to those competitors who earn a total of 30 points through unassisted individual competition in NRA Distinguished Revolver Matches. Credit points will be awarded to the highest scoring 10 percent of all non-Distinguished Revolver competitors firing the match ranked in order of merit. Fractions of .5 and over will be resolved to the next whole number. Smaller fractions will not be considered. The winning ten percent as described above will be further broken down and credit points awarded as follows:

  To the highest scoring 1/6th of the 10% qualifying 10 points
  To the next highest scoring 1/3rd of the 10% qualifying 8 points
  To the remaining competitors authorized credit points 6 points

Course of Fire - The NRA National Match Course will be used for all competitions under this program. Tournaments wishing to host competitions under this program are limited to the NRA National Pistol Championships, NRA State Championship, and NRA Regional Tournaments as defined in Rule 1.6 which are conducted outdoors. Where a tournament is conducted in a single day, multiple relays of this match may be conducted throughout the day. Where a tournament is conducted across two or more days, multiple relays of this match may be conducted across multiple days and throughout each day.

For additional information on any of the above, please email [email protected].

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