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NRA Precision Pistol, also known as Conventional - Bullseye Pistol, is a shooting sport in which participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits. The NRA Pistol Department has established rules and keeps records for this historic sport. Precision Pistol was the inspiration for the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) International 25-meter (82 feet) Standard Pistol event, and like the ISSF pistol events, the development of skills required to shoot one-handed at targets 25 and 50 yards away takes practice and determination to achieve proficiency. This sport produces some of the best pistol competitors in the world today.

Equipment specifies three classes of firearms: a .22 caliber rimfire handgun, a centerfire handgun of .32 caliber or greater, and a .45 caliber handgun. Since the format includes a sustained fire stage, a semi-automatic pistol or revolver with a capacity of at least five rounds is needed.

More information on specific rules, classification, national records or how to conduct Conventional Pistol matches is available from the links in the menu to the left. If you have any other questions about any other NRA Pistol Program, such as Precision Pistol, Action Pistol or International Pistol, please feel free to contact us.